Back From The Dead: The Legacy Of The Pan Book Of Horror Stories

British Fantasy Award Winner'Best Anthology' - British Fantasy Awards 2011

Man with the top half of his face missing, revealing the skull beneathNoose & Gibbet Publishing is very proud of their first publication - 'Back From The Dead: The Legacy Of The Pan Book Of Horror Stories'. This book, winner of 'Best Anthology' in the British Fantasy Society's 2011 British Fantasy Awards, was several years in the making, and is both a tribute to and a continuation of the tradition of the classic series. In the course of over two years painstaking research, editor Johnny Mains has coaxed some brilliant new stories from old favourites such as Harry E Turner and Conrad Hill, and is deeply honoured to have been given permission by the late John Ware's family to reprint the classic 'Spinalonga' from the Pan Book Of Horror Stories Volume 13. Septimus Dale, Basil Copper, Francis King and Ken Alden have also graciously allowed the reproduction of their original stories too. There are new stories from Christopher Fowler, Craig Herbertson, Tony Richards, J P Dixon and Myc Harrison, as well as many other original writers from the series - twenty-one stories in all, sixteen brand-new and five classics.

Included before each story are snippets of interviews from the respective authors detailing their experiences with the Pan Horrors, taken from the many interviews Johnny Mains has amassed in the last few years.

A forward by noted genre author Shaun Hutson and an overview of the influence and importance of the Pan Book of Horror Stories from writer and editor David A Sutton open the volume, while bringing up the rear of the book will be the most in-depth biographical treatise to date on Herbert Van Thal's work in the horror anthology field. Johnny Mains has uncovered a vast number of hitherto undiscovered facts about this enigmatic man's life and career, and this biography will surely cause some debate as well as laying to rest some of the mysteries around the Pan Horrors themselves.

The book's cover art is by renowned artist Les Edwards.

Cover spread of Back From The Dead

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Hardcover: 524 pages
Publisher: Noose & Gibbet Publishing (03/10)
ISBN: 978-0-9564884-0-4
Dimensions: 8 x 5 inches

Selected by Johnny Mains
Cover artwork by Les Edwards
Cover design by Wayouteast

Forward - Shaun Hutson
Introduction: 'The Influence of Pan' - David A Sutton
Locked - Christopher Fowler
Mr Smythe - Tony Richards
Acute Rehab - John Burke
Camera Obscura - Basil Copper
The True Spirit - David A Riley
Angel - Jack Wainer
A Good Offence - Myc Harrison
Gallybagger - Roger Clarke
Spinalonga - John Ware
The Forgotten Island - Jonathan Cruise
Dreaming The Dark - J P Dixon
The Little Girl Eater - Septimus Dale
Mr Golden's Haunt - Christina Kiplinger
The Stare - John Burke
The Children - Nicholas Royle
The Moment Of Death - Ken Alden
A Caribean Incident - Jane Louie
The Waiting Game - Craig Herbertson
School Crossing - Francis King
Sounds Familiar - Harry E Turner
An Outing with H - Conrad Hill
'Lest Ye Should Suffer Nightmares' Herbert Van Thal: A Biography - Johnny Mains
Author Biographies