Party Pieces: The Horror Fiction Of Mary Danby

an eyeball rests in a bowl of grapes, surrounded by party decorationsWho can say why some authors are feted and famous, while others, equally talented, influential and important, never achieve such name recognition except to a select few?

Mary Danby is one such author. Best known, perhaps, as the editor of the Fontana Book of Great Horror Stories and The Armada Ghost Books from 1970 onwards, her tenure saw these two series blossom into some of the most influential anthology series in the U.K. But she was also a superb author in her own right, producing novels and short stories constantly over two decades. The great great grand-daughter of Charles Dickens, throughout the 70s and 80s she carried the flame of horror high as both writer and editor. Her writings are both subtle and terrifying and show that she was leading the charge of her contemporaries in giving the eager horror audience much needed thrills...

Cover spread of Party Pieces

Noose and Gibbet is very proud to publish this important and much-anticipated collection of her work; the first time that all her stories - for both adults and young people - have been gathered together in one volume, showcasing the stories Mary wrote for The Fontana Book of Horror Stories, The Armada Ghost Book, Nightmares and, last but not least, the adaptation that she did for Supernatural. Also included in the book is a new story, Red Shoes, written especially for this debut collection and the first from Mary's pen in over thirty years.

With stories that geniunely leave the reader with a feeling of fear and foreboding, even when laced with her own distinctive brand of bittersweet humour, Mary Danby rightfully reclaims her place as one of the great female writers of horror and supernatural fiction.

The book will be limited to 150 hardback copies, all numbered, and signed by Mary herself. The book will retail at £20 and will be published in late 2011. Copies can be pre-ordered by sending an email to There is already much anticipation building for this volume, so get in quick as we are very likely to sell out quite quickly!


Publisher: Noose & Gibbet Publishing (2011)
Dimensions: 8 x 5 inches

Edited by Johnny Mains
Cover artwork by Jon Dixon
Cover design by Wayouteast

Forward by Mary Danby
Introduction by Johnny Mains
For older readers...
Red Shoes (exclusive to this volume)
Quid Pro Quo
Party Pieces
The Secret Ones
Harvest Home
The Natterjack
Keeping in Touch
Nursery Tea
The Engelmayer Puppets
Woodman's Knot
The Witness
True Love
Lady Sybil or The Phantom of Black Gables
For younger readers...
The Rocking-Horse Room
A View of the Sea
The Last Earl
The Haunters
Time after Time
The Vackie
The Grey Lady
The House Ghosts
The Red Miller
Lorimer's Bride
The Ghost Writer
Mr. Jones
Arbor Day
Old Wiggie